‘A Christmas Story’ Ralphie Bear is Here!

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” If that line doesn’t ring any bells for you than this might. “FRA-GIL-LEE, it must be Italian!” Still no? Then I can’t help you. Sorry. But if any of those little phrases does then you are gonna love this. Recently Build-A-Bear released a Cousin Eddie bear to build at their shops in time for the Holidays. And if that isn’t enough to get you to haul ass over there quick enough then this just might. 

YES IT’S A RALPHIE BEAR!! Complete with the thick glasses and adorable fluffy bunny eyes that will stare sappily up at you.This will leave you saying “He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny”

The Bear and outfit are sold separately but you can get them together in a bundle package for $50.50 and if you want to add a personal voice message add on an extra $8.

The bear is complete with the A Christmas Story logo on its chest and decked out in plaid with Ralphie’s face. Alright Black Bard now you get yours!

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