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Get Cooking With These Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen Tools!

One of the best things about growing up and moving out into a place of your own is that you get to design your kitchen anyway you like. And you can center it around any fandom you want! Well since it’s still the end of the year holiday seasons you can make the most of it by buying some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff that you wouldn’t normally be able to find. And you can really create the kitchen of your dreams. Here are a few of the best Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchen finds on the net right now.

Crock Pot

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Nothing is better than literally just throwing some meat and potatoes in a crock pot and having it ready by the end of the day. Seriously that’s all you have to do. I used to be hesitant to try the crock pot because I felt I would mess it up but it turns out it’s near impossible to do so. Hot Topic is selling a cool Nightmare Crock Pot that you can use ALL THE TIME. Set it up, go to work, come back and have a feast!

Kitchen Towel Set

Hot Topic is selling a cute kitchen towel set that doubles for Halloween and Christmas. Designed to look like the front of the doors to each town. These are selling as a set for $19 but if you get them with hot cash you can double up on something else and get them for much cheaper.

Jack and Sally Figural Mugs

If you are looking for a mug that will hold all the coffee you want then look no further! These cute Jack and Sally Mugs come with a crazy amount of space. Jack holds 24oz and Sally holds 26! Plus even if you don’t want to use them for drinks they are cute enough to display. And since Nightmare Before Christmas happens to be a film encompassing two holidays, you can keep them up from October to December! Of course that doesn’t apply to collectors who have them up all year round. offers them in a set that is perfect for couples or to have them both up keeping each other company.

These are made by Seven20 which is the same company that put out the Nightmare Before Christmas Kitchenware at Target this year. These will no doubt become a coveted collectible so if you want them you should snag them quick.

It is important to tell you that they are not dishwasher or microwave safe, so if you want to use them for coffee you will have to pour right from the pot and not reheat them. With these kinds of mugs it is important to hand wash and stay away from soaking them in bleach or any other kind of solvent. These are probably more suited to storing nick-nacks if you hate hand washing things. But definitely recommended! You can keep jewelry or thumb drives in them and keep them on your dresser or desk. The possibilities are endless!

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Jack and Sally Apron

Also if you love cooking surrounded by your fandom you should really check out the rest of Toynks Nightmare collection. They have a sweet apron that will keep the flour off of you while you are making your latest creation.

Cutting Board

Need a quick surface to prep some food on? Well we have you covered. This glass 12×12 Jack Skellington cutting board will keep your counter free from germs. It’s also very easy to clean, just use soap and water!

Measuring Spoons

Ready to measure everything out? Check out these cool Jack measuring spoons! These would make a great housewarming gift or even a stocking stuffer.

Hot Topic Offers a ton of Nightmare Before Christmas Stuff right now so if you are a collector you may want to take a good look. You can check out all of their kitchen stuff by clicking the link here.
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