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New Zero and Scary Teddy S&P Shakers Are a Must Have

If you love Nightmare Before Christmas then lucky for you this is your time to shine. It’s that time of year when the real merchandise push comes our way and begins infiltrating everything we see online. Now we have these awesome salt and pepper shakers to look out for and best of all you can use them for yourself or as a gift.

I was able to get a pair off and not only are they pretty but very well made too. One problem I usually have with Salt and Pepper shakers is that the bottom plug tends to push in. That’s mostly my bad for the way I hold it but also happens when the plug is flimsy. Lucky for me though these plugs are stiffer than the normal silicone that will just push into the bottom. Which means Zero is a really good boy and doesn’t leak salt!

Artify – Square

The figures stand 2 inches tall and are really cute when posed together. Which is where they should be because they are a pair after all. You can get your own set for $19.99 by following the link here.

Keep Going!
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Another really cute addition to the salt and pepper shakers and goes perfect with that Ceramic Bowl set that Target was offering(if you were lucky enough to get a set) is this Mug. It holds 15 ounces of pure bliss perfect for your early mornings.

Now this one is good for a couple gift only because it says on it “Misfit Love”. It has beautiful roses on it as well as a silhouette of Jack and Sally on it. You can get this one for $19.99 as well by following this link.

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