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How to Transform Your Passion for Gaming Into a Lucrative Career

Everyone has different interests and hobbies, and for many, gaming happens to be one of them. There are so many different types of games to choose from, whether it be tabletop games, phone apps, or video games. The good news is that transforming this passion into a lucrative career is a dream that could become your reality. 

Seeing as the gaming industry is one experiencing exponential growth, it is possible to take your passion and transform it into something you can make a living from. For instance, you could decide to become a game developer if you’re good at conceptualizing or an audio engineer if you want to create soundtracks. Aside from the mentioned, there are numerous other career paths that would make it possible for you to put your love for gaming to good use. 

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To get started, you’re going to need to do research and develop your skills so that you find a job that aligns with your interests. Whether you’re just starting a career or switching from an entirely different industry, the possibilities are endless. On that note, here is how you can transform your passion for gaming into a lucrative career. 

Explore Career Paths

It has been predicted that by 2025, the gaming industry could be worth $300 billion, making it a lucrative industry to become a part of. It also means that there’s a world of opportunities available to those who have skills the industry needs. Start to think about what your strengths are in relation to gaming and what specific careers they’d be useful in. 

Job satisfaction is important, so you want to choose a career you could see yourself doing every day. If, for instance, you’re drawn to stories and dialogues in games, then becoming a writer could be ideal. On the other hand, if you wanted a more business-related job, then becoming a marketing manager and coordinating video game publisher’s marketing activities could be suitable. 

When exploring career paths within the industry, look into what education or qualifications you might need. While some gaming jobs do require education and experience, not all do, so you could start with an entry-level position. Becoming a game tester typically doesn’t require prior education, and it would give you the opportunity to get paid to play games and break into the industry.

Look for the Right Company  

As with any career, you want to work in a company that treats you well, gives you creative freedom, and provides growth opportunities you need. Look into some of the best gaming companies to work for before applying for jobs. You can then create a list of your top companies and see if they have available positions, or better yet, contact the hiring manager directly. 

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A couple of the largest video game companies in the world are King, the masterminds behind Candy Crush, as well as Electronic Arts, who developed FIFA 18. Choose carefully as the last thing you want is to feel stuck in a job that you loathe. Alternatively, if you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, you could opt to start your own gaming business, whether it be a video gaming production company or gaming center chain.

Another thing to note is that many gaming positions that you’ll come across tend to be in specific big cities in the U.S. such as Pennsylvania, California, Texas, or Washington. For this reason, be open to taking up a gaming position that isn’t located in your home town. Also, keep in mind that it is possible to negotiate moving expenses with your employer to help you cut costs. 

Develop Your Skills

To build a successful career that you’ll love, you’re going to need a number of technical skills. The career path you choose will determine where you should focus your skill development efforts, but there are core ones that will be useful. Proficiency in programming languages like C# and C++, creativity, and a strong analytical frame of mind are primary examples. 

When preparing your resume to send out to employers, don’t forget to include both hard and soft skills. Employers are looking for both, so including them could help you highlight your strengths as well as stand out from the competition. Examples of soft skills include leadership, problem-solving, and anything that shows you can manage your duties and interact with others. 

A challenge that you may come across is finding ways to gain experience, especially as most employers use it as a prerequisite for employment. Don’t be afraid to use your initiative and develop a game on your own so you have something tangible to add to your resume. It is also possible to look for other game lovers and see how you can collaborate on a project if your focus isn’t on becoming a game developer or designer. 

It has been established that gaming is a lucrative industry and that means there are multiple opportunities to convert your passion for gaming into a thriving career. The transition won’t necessarily be easy, but with determination, it is possible. By taking time out to research your niche and develop your skills, you could find yourself making a living doing what you love. 

Article submitted by Frankie Wallace
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