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Epic Games Treats Their Employees Very Poorly

Fortnite has been around for sometime now. And has made itself one of the biggest names in gaming. With such a large fan base they constantly have to come out with new updates to keep it fresh. On the surface we don’t really notice all the hard work that goes into that. Matter of fact there are teams of people that work behind the scenes on this game, and are treated poorly.

Many of the workers have described it as being a toxic workplace. Working insane hours a week from 60 to sometimes even 100 hours! It doesn’t take a expert to know working these amount of hours can take a toll on anyone. It is important to add that the workers well in fact paid overtime and properly for there work. But found it next to impossible to get any kind of day off at all.

Most feared taking a day off because, one it would be very daunting and difficult to do so, and two they didn’t want to put more work on another person. Also going on to say a lot of the management didn’t seem to care at all, and would respond in a aggressive manner if they spoke up about the work conditions.

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Many of the workers over at Epic are on a contract so it limits there rights even more. With that being said it seemed that Epic has taken advantage over that and holds that over workers heads that say anything at all. Even after there 8 hour shift would come to an end they knew that the managers would force them to stay often making them stay long past there original shift hours.

As for other workers having a weekend off was such rare phenomenon for them. But even though if that was the case they’d still be expected to come in and give up there weekend. Failure to do so often lead to people losing jobs. With new openings seeming to be the norm they would hire people in massive numbers, not train them properly and expect them to pick up the slack.

It seems to be working at Epic is a very toxic place if you’re not in a management position. Hopefully this is something that gets fixed and fast because no one should be treated like this at any workplace.

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