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The Mandalorian Episode Schedule Has Been Released

It’s almost time for Disney + to grace our homes and show us the many splendors of streaming television! We are ready for a few things to be ready at launch and one of the ones that is most anticipated is none other than The Mandalorian. For decades we have wanted a movie that was about Star Wars but not about Jedi in particular. And now we are getting a series so that is a big win in the world of Star Wars fans. They have now released the schedule of episodes so now we know when to set our alarms so we can be the first to watch them as they come out.

  • Episode One – November 12th
  • Episode Two – November 15th
  • Episode Three – November 22nd
  • Episode Four – November 29th
  • Episode Five – December 6th
  • Episode Six – December 13th
  • Episode Seven – December 18th
  • Episode Eight – December 27th
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The last episode of the season will come out after Christmas. So it will be an after Christmas Christmas present for us. Hopefully it won’t end on too much of a cliff hanger but if it does I’m sure they will get right on filming that next season.

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