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Check Out This Cute Sonic Phone & Controller Holder!

I’m one of those people that have a hard time when I put something down and then can’t find it two minutes later. Having just had it mildly drives me crazy. Then I was introduced to this handsome guy.

Artify – Square

He is made for holding your phone and also comes with a charging cord for an Android or an Apple Iphone. I was going to just have him on my desk for my phone to cradle in but my daughter found an even better purpose for him. He is now our official TV remote holder.

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This little guy is actually pretty tall and very well made. The paint job on it is superb and he stands at about 8 inches tall. He’s handsome to boot. Sometimes when you see figures the paint or the color are slightly off but since this guy is officially licensed by Exquisite Gaming the quality of the mold is very high. He’s made of hard plastic but is soft to the touch. I dropped him, scratched him and he stayed pristine. The plastic is coated so that you can scratch him(gently) and he will be OK.

This makes the perfect gift for any collector and comes in a cool collectors box. So if you decide not to open it and just want to display it that is totally ok! You can pick up one here for only $25.99. And if you are thinking about getting it for your kid do it! My kid LOVES Sonic and now he is one of the gang.

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