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The L.A. Comic Con 2019 Experience

Grab your capes, autograph books, and Cameras – LACC is Here !

L.A. Comic Con has returned for the 9th year in a row, bringing together thousands of people to one of the most diverse celebrations of pop culture in Los Angeles.

The events consists of over 800+ booths serving the community comics, toys, apparel, collectables, art and more. The con also includes dozens of panels, meet-in-greets, games and cosplay contests.

The event runs from Friday to Sunday, with Friday as a prep day, Saturday being mostly industry oriented, and sunday being more family themed.

So when you arrive to the convention center there are two lines ; one in front of the main entrance for those who already have their passes and an entrance to the left of that for those who are picking up their passes.

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If you arrive before 9 / 9:30 you’ll have to wait a bit due to the fact that the vendors are doing last minute set ups. Then the crowd( waiting in the lobby) will be released in sections, into the convention hall. And once your there, you can go wherever you’d like.

There are multiple bathrooms alongside the walls, and a caravan of food trucks to the upper left side. And there’s also convention food concessions / restaurants.

A Reminder About Cosplay And Photography

Now there are going to be a lot of people cosplaying, and there’s a good chance your gonna want to take pictures and that they want their picture taken. But everyone needs to respect Cosplay etiquette and be respectful.

And there are Con rules for this. First of all , Ask nicely if you can get a picture. Second respect that persons right to refuse. And lastly, If they consent, take your pictures in a respectful manner.

Did you go to LA Comic Con ? Why or Why not ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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