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Costco is Selling Pumpkin Pie in Tubs

Ready for some epic 2am snacking? Well now you can eat all the pumpkin pie you ever wanted by the spoonful without having to worry about the crust. Just plop on some canned whipped cream and call it a night.

Costco is now selling tubs of Pumpkin Pie filling that you can either use to fill your own crust, or more likely just eat out of the container. Each couple of Tablespoons is only 50 calories and it is Vegan and Gluten Free. So it’s also good to serve at parties where your guests may have allergens.

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This treat is seasonal so if you want to get some to stick in the freezer and save for later you should get going now. The brand also has other flavors available like red velvet flavor, brownie batter, snickerdoodle, and mint chocolate fudge. So it’s basically hummus for your sweet tooth. Dip a cookie or a graham cracker in it for ultimate snacking!

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