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Dress Up As a Bud or Natty Light This Halloween!

You know those generic beer costumes that people love? Well they now have an official collaboration with Anheuser Busch and have costumes of Budweiser and Natural Light, which are two of the most popular brands of beer. This coming from the same company that brought you the iconic Banana suit, Rasta Imposta! These costumes are good quality and you can wear them over and over again.

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So whether you’re going out to the bar or just want to tout your love for some stout consider picking up these cool costumes. You’ll be sure to get people talking. And the best part of all is the price. They range from just $34.99 – $44.99. It’s a low price to pay to have something that you can pull out whenever you need an outfit for a party.

This is also the same company that just put out some really cool Taco Bell sauce costumes so check them out as well!

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