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Juggalo Makeup Blocks Most Facial Recognition Software

What is a Juggalo? He just don’t care! I won’t write the rest of the lyrics here for uh, reasons but that is one of their best songs. Anyway for those of you who are out of the loop on this one a Juggalo is a fan of the group ICP. And they just figured out the ultimate hack if they don’t want to be recognized by facial recognition software. And they did it completely by accident!

Now for this we’re going to say most facial recognition software. To know how to defeat it you have to know kind of how it works. Most software like those used by the military, Ticketmaster, and Facebook have the ability to recognize high contrast areas. Say around your eyes, nose and maybe those cute little dimples when you smile. If you post an image of yourself on Facebook then you will find that if you’re wearing Juggalo makeup you won’t find your tag pop up automatically.

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Apple software on the other hand uses depth perception. So even if you can fake your jawline by adding black makeup they can still see around it.

Point of the story is that if you meet a friendly Juggalo at a concert, it’s probably best to exchange contact info instead of relying on software to work out who it is for you.

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