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2 Yr Old’s Reaction to Seeing Hulk For the First Time Is Priceless

I still remember the first time my daughter was introduced to Hulk. It seems like so long ago now that she was jumping up and down saying “Hulk Smash!” and “Mommy don’t call me Aubrey, I’m Hulk”. Lot’s of kids get into super heroes at a young age and they grow up to be the next generation of fans. Best part is that we can then have something to put on and watch with them that isn’t something like fairy fairy princess…Yes I know that’s not a real show but it feels like a lot of programs go for that kind of feel.

This little girls reaction to seeing Hulk for the first time is a great reminder of just how awesome the super hero universe is. She is so interested in what is going on and invested in what is happening, at the young age of two! Now let me remind you that keeping a two year old entertained is a hard enough feat on it’s own. Check this out as she snacks on what look like cheesy poofs and yells at the TV.

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Now wasn’t that awesome?! If you have kids tell us about how you introduced them to super heroes!

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