Nerdbot Lego Review: Stygimoloch Breakout (75927)

Jurassic Park Lego sets are at the crossroad of modern creativity and classic imaginative play.

On the classic side, Dinosaurs are a staple of anyone’s childhood imagination. For most of us, the dino-trend was thrown into overdrive when Jurassic Park debuted in 1993. Setting a new standard for playtime that either included running, capturing, or being Dinosaurs inspired by the blockbuster film.

Flash-forward 15 years later, and our Jurassic Park has evolved into a Jurassic World. A fully operational park brought us new attractions, new characters, and most importantly: breeds of dinosaur!

One thing I appreciate about these new movie designs are the animal enclosures. The main connection point may seem a bit narrow. But simply opening up one side and provide a backdrop or even more fencing sections that can expand the habitat nicely.

A small but solid investment if you’re looking to expand your own park’s catalogue and gain some valuable elements that could be useful! The Windows and Supports along with the grey elements can be repurposed for many themes and match the enclosures from previous sets, should you feel the need to expand your Jurassic World even further.

I give this set a 6/10 and recommend this build for Builders if you can catch it at the right price! It’s understandable the piece to part ratio would be thrown off by the dinosaur, but it’s also what might cause buyers remorse at checkout.

Here’s hoping your build finds a way!!

You can see my original Lego MOC’s on my Lego Facebook page Another Brick Studio.

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