Dr. Light And Rose Wilson’s Debut on Titans

The season kicks off with a longtime Titans Villain, and their dearest frenemy

Episode two of Titans Second Season just dropped ( Sept. 9 ) and with it, the season has truly started. With our heroes separated, they will face enemies new and old in this Dc Universe Original.

With the first episode being a thematic end to the first season , will this episode set expectations of what’s to com ? Or is it the beginning of seasons downfall ?

Episode Recap ( Spoilers )

We take a three month jump from the defeat of Trigon and our protagonists are scattered. Dick is training Rachel, Garfield and Jason at Titans tower while Kory and Donna Fight crime in Chicago. While villain Dr. Light escapes from prison, Hank and Dawn are having an uneasy retirement, as the latter continues to go out as Dove.

Dick Rescues a mysterious girl( possible metahuman ), on the run from the police and a mysterious pursuer. Kory is kidnapped by a man from her planet and the founding titans are targeted by Dr. Light. The episode ends with Garfield and Jason discovering that the mysterious girl is Rose Wilson, Daughter of Slade Wilson , Deathstroke.

The Episode Overall

Friends eat doughnuts and stalk super villains together, or at least that’s what Kory and Donna do while looking for the villainous Shimmer.

This season has the job of : setting up where all the characters are, kick starting the main plot lines and building up on what was previously established.

Because of this, this episode opens with a small time jump which allows the writers to establish the current status quo without doing too much work. And this works ; the friendly, almost relaxed , performances really sell the regularity of the positions the characters are in.

Starting the season off, with story hooks based / related to the DCU’s Titans history is really going to help build the lore of the show. With this, we can springboard the new titans onto their own path, while learning and recognizing the mistakes of Titans past. While there were very few of them, the Dc references( especially to Roy Harper Arsenal) was enjoyable.

While brief, the action continues to be sold on the physicality and movement of the actors, rather than details themselves. And when used in a small amount as it is here, the special effects do a great job of reminding us that we are in a spectacular world.

The colouring and framing are tight, and filled with darker tones. But there’s hope that with the inclusion of more action pieces and characters, that the vibrance of these colorful characters will shine brighter.

This scene was one of the funner ones, having style and attractive action choreography through out.

What to expect

With the introduction of Dr. Light and Shimmer, is the Fearsome five to come ? Questions like this were born the moment the season two trailer dropped. And because of all the characters featured in said trailer, the show has a lot to do.

Hopefully, this tempered second episode is a sign that the show runners know they have a lot to establish. Because of this the show needs to find a balance between taking its time establishing DCU Titans lore , as well as moving the overall plot threads at a satisfying pace.

So what do you think of this new episode ? Do you love the premiere of Ravenger and Dr. Light ? Let us know in the comments down below.

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