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The Defeat Of Trigon Awkwardly Starts The Season – Titans Season Premiere

This Finale Turned Season Premiere Sets the Titans Onward Towards Their Future

Season two if Dc Universes Titans has just kicked off this week, taking the streaming services flagship title further into the world of Dc comics.

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But with realization that the decision to turn the season one finale into the season 2 premiere , will this opening feel like one ? Or is it just an awkward start to this season ?

Episode Recap ( Spoilers )

The rescue squad, and the first time anyone in the series has ever said ” Titans go”

Picking up from last seasons cliffhanger, Dawn(Minka Kelly) and Hank(Alan Ritchson) find and recruit Jason Todd(Curran Walters) after being contacted by Rachel (Teagan Croft ). The trio Join up with Donna Troy( Conor Leslie) and Kory( Anna Diop) , who are then possessed by Trigon.

In order to break her spirit, Ravens Father Has the group, along a possessed Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) beat Garfield to break her spirit. After Trigon Kills Rachel’s mother, Gar Breaks Raven out of a trance, who then saves Dick. She uses her power to destroy her father and release the rest of the team from his control.

They then part ways, with With Dick taking Jason ( at the behest of Bruce) , Rachel and Garfield to the old Titans Headquarter, while the rest of the gang departs. The episode ends with an older Slade Wilson (Esai Morales as Deathstroke) seeing in a news report that the Titans were back, seemingly prompting him out of retirement.

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This episode feels more as the endcap to the last season , rather than a starting point for the rest of the season. When you structure a show, you end on this big action piece that culminates in this big resolution .

When the first seasons last episode was moved, it gives this feeling of finality to the characters that almost make you forget that there is a new episode next week. And not only that. The defeat of Trigon feels rushed because of the episode rerangement.

Aside from the revelations of independence and hope from Rachel and Dick , no real growth comes from this ending. While the action was enjoyable, the burst of power from raven feels somewhat unearned. The visions given by trigon during the possession were the most interesting part of the episode – giving the audience the ability to reaffirm and learn information our about heroes

Its moreso the season two trailer that excites for the second season rather than teasers .

Let us know what you think of the episode ? Hit or flop ? Let us know down the comments down below

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