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There’s A Ton Of Marvel In The Suicide Squad Cast

I think DC has finally figured out how to rebuild their once struggling cinematic universe…

Hire everyone that is no longer involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and James Gunn.

You probably remember him as the dude who wrote and directed the Guardians Of Galaxy movies. As we all know, a tweet controversy brought his time at Disney to a screeching halt. Then Warner Brothers realized there was this mega successful movie mind in need of a job and they had an ensemble franchise ripe for a reboot. So they hired him.

Soon thereafter Disney was like, whoa… bro, did our competition just snatch up one of our most valuable assets? Then they had what addicts refer to as a moment of clarity, pulled their head out of their asses, and rehired Mr. Gunn. However, the Magic Castle is allowing him to finish his work on The Suicide Squad before returning to the MCU.

Here at Nerdbot we’ve been covering various developments in the project and the latest comes via Gunn’s Instagram as he revealed the entire cast (minus the extras).

Notice anything familiar about those names? Doesn’t it seem like they’ve been in a superhero movie before?

Well that’s because seven of the twenty-four names on the above list have either acted in, voiced a character, or even directed one of the most successful installment in MCU history. You bet I meant the likes of Idris Elba, Nathan Fillion, and Taika Waititi. No clue how Taika or Michael Rooker wound up here but alright Warner Brothers… you’ve got my interest.

It appears that Mr. Gunn has brought some of his Guardians supporting cast members such his other half Sean and big funny ginger Steve Agee. They’ll join returning squad members Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Joel Kinnaman for what I’m sure will be the most successful superhero movie until the next most successful movie ever.

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I do have to say that DC strategy of picking up former MCU talent is a brilliant move, especially because for as big as a star as Idris Elba or Michael Rooker are, they weren’t the name on the marquee. These amazing actors shined in their supporting roles which should provide a smooth transition from one comic book universe to another. It’s not like Chris Evans is playing Captain Boomerang anytime soon. Though I’d pay to see that.

And in 2019 who the hell cares if someone switches universes. RDJr. could be the next Mr. Freeze and if the movie is great… it doesn’t really matter.

If you’re going to hire talent for a comic book movie, mine as well get people who have worked with the best.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Instagram/Warner Brothers

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