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Top 10 Ugly Halloween Sweaters in 2019

The best part about fall is that it starts to get just cold enough to justify wearing a sweater. And why would you ever want to wear a boring old hoodie when you could let the world know what kind of chills and thrills you’re into?

It’s Showtime!

Artify – Square

Here is a cool Beetlejuice sweater that you can arguably wear whenever to show your love for the franchise. It’s cool neon colors really make you feel like you stand out and you can even pair it with the makeup the model is wearing if you want that extra oomph. You can find out more information by following the link here.


Let me begin by saying this sweater is not ugly. In fact it’s absolutely stunning. I don’t know if its the colors or the tentacles that make it better. Also just look at those sleeves, they look amazingly comfortable. You can pick this up by clicking here.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Here is a cool fiery look you can rock while sporting your favorite Horror character. Check it out here.


Dracula is a classic and it now comes in a cool red and black ugly sweater scheme! You can wear this with your regular goth style or anything black you have in your closet. This is a cool look that you can even wear to your work parties. I mean that collar screams business casual. Find out more information here.

Freddy Kruger

This one doubles as cosplay for those of you that like to piece your outfits together. Plus since it’s green and red you can wear it for Christmas festivities no questions asked! Check it out here.

Sugar Skull

This design is super cute and colorful. Perfect for anyone who wants to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. Check this one out here!

Keep Going!
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Prowling Werewolf

This one is great AROOOO! That was my impression of a warewolf transforming. I hope you read it right. This one is made with blue tones which really makes me think it was made to celebrate a “Spooky Batmitzvah”. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves. Check this one out here!

Vintage Cat Sweater

Here is a cool and pretty kitty that reminds me of my Nana’s left over Halloween decorations from the 70’s. 10/10 would wear. Check it out here.

Lydia Deetz

Check out this Lydia sweater! Perfectly pair it with a big sun blocking hat and spiked bangs to complete the entire look! Check it out here.

Moonlight Ride

Going back to a more classic Halloween look we have a witch on a broomstick. And its PURPLE. Click here to check it out.

Friday the 13th

This Jason sweater is coming soon! So instead of just 10 on this list you get to see a super cool bonus one. Keep an eye out for it by clicking “keep me notified” when you click here.

You can check out the entire collection by following the link here. And check out some other cool Halloween stuff that is trending by checking out the articles below.
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