A Holocaust Survivor Now Sings In A Death Metal Band

If you’ve ever thought Heavy Metal would die, your dead ass wrong.

When I try to define the term “Heavy Metal” or even “Death Metal”, it’s a combination of things that extend way beyond the music. Of course cranked up distorted breakdowns are a part of it, but to appropriately round out the definition of the genre, you have to include its single most important trait… attitude.

The “Metal Attitude” is almost as important as the music. Hell, some metal bands are mostly a perfectly crafted array of noice you can barely call music, but they stay relevant because they straight up own that raw, aggressive, metal persona that makes us want to run through a wall while punching ourselves in the genitals when we hear them scream into the microphone.

Which brings me to Inge Ginsberg, a 96 year old Holocaust Survivor who was fortunate enough to escape that awful stain on human history known as Nazi Germany. She and her husband Otto arrived in America to find themselves working in the music industry of Hollywood. My Modern Met, the source of this information claims they helped write songs for Dean Martin and Doris Day.

Well now Ginsberg, in all her golden year glory has formed a Death Metal band called Inge & The TritoneKings who are the subject of Leah Galant’s upcoming documentary Death Metal Grandma. The film appears on the New York Times website… or you can check it out below!!

You’ll even get to see another country’s version of America’s Got Talent.

Even if you’re not a fan of Metal, the one thing you can ultimately take away from this article is the fact that you’re never too old to reinvent yourself.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Manhattan Camerata

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