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Okamoto Kitchen Introduces Online Preordering on Limited Edition Bento Boxes for Anime Expo 2019

Okamoto Kitchen is introducing a trio of new bento box-style combo meals to be unveiled at the 2019 Anime Expo.

Ever popular among anime and video game fandom, the LA-based Okamoto Kitchen returns to the stalwart anime convention to serve up their much-lauded brand of Japanese comfort food to hungry con goers.

Online Ordering for Pickup

In an effort to expedite the lengthy wait times for patrons, continue to create exciting ways for fans to enjoy their food and push technological innovations in food truck service, Okamoto Kitchen will offer online ordering of new bento box items for pick-up throughout the five-day event. Guests will be able to order one of three Okamoto Bento items and two unique drink items online via their smart device and, after submitting payment and confirming a pick-up date and time, can pick up their items without the need to wait in a time-consuming line.

Additionally, Okamoto Kitchen is taking ongoing preorders for July 3-7 to further aid in improving the con dining experience for longtime fans. Note, all items are limited, so preordering is highly recommended. Orders can be submitted at

Limited Edition Items and Preorder Bonus

Okamoto Bento will be available in three delicious varieties to suit a range of tastes and dietary preferences. The Gyudon Bento will feature beef & rice with red ginger, two pieces of Japan Fried Chicken and Japanese potato salad while the vegetarian Nanaban Bento includes deep fried tofu with Nanaban sauce, tartar sauce mixed greens, potato salad and six pieces of cheese mochi. Lastly the Iris Bento includes Okamoto curry with Menchi Katsu, lavender rice, two pieces of Japan Fried Chicken and six pieces of cheese mochi.

Each bento item comes in exclusive limited edition packaging featuring Okamoto Kitchen’s signature Akiba-style anime art showing off original characters  Haru Umesaki and, new addition to the cast, Iris.

As a bonus for patrons who preorder prior to AX preview night on July 3rd will receive an exclusive sticker sheet featuring Iris. This limited promotional item is only available through preorders.

Pickup Location

Bento boxes will be available for pickup July 3rd – 7th near South Hall on the corner of  Pico and Figueroa Ave. This will be the designated pickup area for online orders throughout the length of the convention.

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