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Giant Squid Caught on Video

Release the Kraken!

Well, less a Kraken and more a giant squid. A very real giant squid. Scientists captured a big ol’ squid on video in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time ever.

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Giant squids – several species in the genus Architeuthus – have been known to scientists for decades, being officially described as a species in 1857. Before that they were the stuff of legends… Or, more precisely known pretty well among fishermen and coastal villages in places where cool waters held their preferred prey of fish and such.

It wasn’t until 2004 when giant squids were seen alive for the first time in the wild though instead of dead or dying individuals on beaches or caught by fisherman accidentally. Japanese researchers caught a video of a giant squid and published a paper on their amazing findings. Why was it so hard?

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Giant squid are generally found in the deep ocean, 900m or more down. And as of June 19, 2019, American researchers caught video of the 10 – 12 foot long massive squid off the coast of the US. Researchers for NOAA managed to snag a few brief seconds of massive tentacles and a peek at the life of one of the planets more famous but rarest animals.

It might be a fleeting glimpse, but it’s an amazing and eerie one. These gentle giants (gentle unless you’re a fish dinner) are elusive but amazing. What other beasts are waiting to be filmed in our oceans?

Quadrillions of tiny fish called bristlemouths, mostly.

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