Punk/Emo Crocs Are Here!

If you are like me crocs are the LAST thing that I ever want to be on my feet, I don’t care if I have the ability to save the planet by wearing a pair. Nope, not gonna happen, ever. With that said and summer around the corner and croc season is upon us, so gear up people this will be an interesting season.

These new punk / emo crocs are a new collaboration with Barneys New York XO Crocs. Because nothing says REBEL like a pair of crocs with spikes and some sort of bling? There are five styles to choose from and range in the $70 to $90 range.

Image Credit: Crocs
Image Credit: Crocs

Michelle Poole, Crocs’ SVP and chief product and merchandising officer, told Footwear News:

Barneys and Crocs are both icons, but in very different ways, and that’s what makes this collaboration so exciting and unexpected.

It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort that offers consumers a truly unique form of self-expression.

Of course crocs already come with holes in the front so if you want to make your own cheaper version of these shoes check out Amazon for some awesome spikes. There are much cooler ways to style your crocs without breaking the bank.

You can pick these up Here. And while you’re there why not browse for other Spikes and Studs!
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