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Wachowskis Directing Michael B. Jordan’s Matrix Movie

The Matrix was originally released in 1999 (we indeed partied as such). The film was groundbreaking in that the Wachowski’s pushed the modern limits of special effects into the 21st Century. It became a cultural icon for years to come, as well as followed by two more films. In a time where dark and ominous trench coats were already popular, the immortal Keanu Reeves single-handedly redefined badass for an entire generation.

Fast-forward to June, 2019. According to the site Discussing Film , the Wachowski’s are directing the next Matrix movie right here in Chicago. Production is scheduled for early 2020. To keep it under wraps, the project has been code-named “Project Ice Cream”. With Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther) set to star in the series, little else is known about the film.

I am hoping the Wachowski’s have shaken off the last few bad eggs (Jupiter Ascending anyone?) to keep the legacy of the Matrix intact. Will they bring Neo back? Is this a reboot? What flavor Ice Cream exactly? I guess we will find out!

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