Star Trek: Picard Teaser Released…ENGAGE

If you’re a Star Trek fan, loved The Next Generation franchise and aren’t excited for Star Trek: Picard…GET OFF MY SHIP!

It’s safe to say that Star Trek fans have been looking for some type of show continuation or a “where are they now” series for their beloved Next Gen Enterprise characters.

There’s no better place to start than with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) himself.

Aside from a few photos and a vague synopsis of the new series starring our favorite Captain (sorry Kirk), we finally get a little more “feel” for the new shows mood.

Watch the new teaser below:

Watching the teaser, there isn’t much here to grab on to. Fans of TNG knew Picard’s love for wine growing and we saw his potential future as a wine grower in the series finale, All Good Things Part 1 and 2. Also, evidence of his family history in France as wine growers were used as plot points throughout the TNG series and movies.

Based on this teaser, the mood looks deep and contemplative.

I for one like this simple tease for the series. It’s more than enough to make me feel the series is an actually happening. And yeah, I had my doubts!

We should be seeing a full series trailer in June.

Till then, May The Trek Be With You.

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