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New Armored Mewtwo Figure Announced!

Remember a little while ago when I talked about how the Pokemon Company had filed a trademark for Armored Mewtwo? Well now we know that the trademark is going towards figurines and possibly even more future toys. @Pokemon_movie on twitter released an image of the new figure with the release date of July 12th. There is a contest that they are holding where you can be one of five winners of the new figure if you enter before May 31st.

Translated from Google:
” “/ Can not be seen only in # # Mewtwo’s Counterattack EVOLUTION Mewtwo has been detained # Armored Mewtwo ! \ The figure is presented to 5 people by lottery! ★ How to apply Follow this account & RT this Tweet ★ Deadline for application May 31 (Fri) Click here for the details of the gift items https: // 

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Unfortunately when you follow the link you need to be pretty fluent in Japanese to understand the terms and conditions of applying. I am going to assume that the contest is for Japanese residents only. That doesn’t mean you can’t own your own though when the time comes. I am sure places like JList, RightStuff, or even the Crunchyroll store will be offering this amazing figure. You can check out a video of it here:

What do you think of this cool new Armored Mewtwo? Think we will be seeing him in any of the new games? Tell us in the comments!