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Blizzcon is FINALLY Announced for November 1st – 2nd

OMG GUYS!! We have been all waiting patiently(not really) for the announcement of the infamous Blizzcon and finally it is here! Blizzcon has a date, and ticket sale dates!

If you are like me, this is the one thing you look forward to in the year…I mean mostly. Blizzard has been making us wait, surpassing the announcement date of April 9th from last year. BlizzCon ticket sales kick off Wednesday, May 4th, at 10 a.m. PDT. Another batch of tickets will go on sale Saturday, May 8, at 7 p.m. PDT. Tickets for the two-day event will cost $229. Pricing and availability for BlizzCon 2018’s Virtual Ticket were not announced. Blizzcon will be the first weekend of November, like prior years. It is set for November 1st and 2nd.

Three ticketing options will be available—the BlizzCon Pass, the BlizzCon Portal Pass, and the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner, the latter of which supports CHOC Children’s. Here’s what each gets you:

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BlizzCon Pass – This is the core BlizzCon option, and what most attendees will want to go for. The BlizzCon Pass provides general-admission access to the show, along with access to Thursday’s new Pregame Festivities. You’ll also get this year’s in-game goodies (to be announced), along with your choice of BlizzCon 2019 Commemorative Collectible. $229

BlizzCon Portal Pass – The BlizzCon Portal Pass is your gateway to an array of extras to enhance your convention experience, including access to the Darkmoon Faire area on the eve of BlizzCon for a special “Night at the Faire.” It also comes with convenient perks such as preferred parking, separate registration and security lines, early entry to the show on Friday and Saturday, a dedicated lounge for taking a load off during BlizzCon, and more. $550

BlizzCon Benefit Dinner – The BlizzCon Benefit Dinner gives you a chance to meet and chat with developers, artists, and other folks from Blizzard the night before the show at a laid-back charity dinner—all for an exceptional cause. Your BlizzCon Benefit Dinner purchase also comes with entry to BlizzCon and all of the BlizzCon Portal Pass perks. Proceeds from the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner go to benefit CHOC Children’s, a charity whose mission is to nurture, advance, and protect the health and well-being of children. Learn more at $750

November 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Warcraft® universe, and So instead of doing a normal BlizzCon® Goody Bag as we has recieved the last few years, BlizzCon attendees will receive a distinctly Azerothian memento.

Everyone who attends Blizzcon this year will receive a BlizzCon 2019 Commemorative Collectible—one of two premium statues in the style of the Blizzard Legends series, celebrating a quarter century of Warcraft’s timeless central conflict. There is two choices: Orc Grunt, or Human Footman!

IMPORTANT! You’ll need to decide which statue you want at the time you purchase your tickets on May 4 or May 8. Quantities produced will be based on what is decided at ticketing.

Are you planning on going to Blizzcon this year? Let Nerdbot know in the comments.

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