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Are Star Wars Coke Bottles a Reskin?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is coming to Disneyland Anaheim May 31, 2019, and it is getting some cool beverages. Coca-Cola has redesigned some of its drinks to fully immerse attendees into the new land, but how original are they?

One hopes the zig-zags through the labels are see-through so you can see the liquid.

The spherical shape seems to be the same as the Holiday Coke Bottles. Various years around December, one was able to find Coco-Cola bottles that resemble bulbs that folks like to hang from Christmas Trees (though they don’t include hooks or string because they are too heavy to hang when full.)

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Who would put these on their Christmas tree?

The rest of the new Star Wars bottles are rather unique. The caps have an interesting technology motive. There are also gear-like borders running through the label that appear to be clear so that we can the beverage levels as we drink. The text is also written in a Star Wars language, but one has to think the nutrition facts on the back as in English. To this writer’s eye, each element of the new round bottle reminds me of a thermal detonator. They could have tried a little harder on the water though.

I suppose someone could call these “Sub-Thermal Quinchinators”!

You guys excited for the new Star Wars themes lands coming to Disney? Remember getting the round Holiday Cokes? Let us know below!

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