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Mighty Mouse Movie In The Works

A new animated mouse is on his way to theaters near you. Paramount Animation is developing a Mighty Mouse movie to hop on the current superhero bandwagon. The Terrytoons character was originally named “Super Mouse” as a parody of Superman but was later renamed “Mighty Mouse”. He first appeared in Mouse of Tomorrow in 1942. The films created by Terrytoons from 1942-1961 were televised in The Mighty Mouse Playhouse that aired on Saturday mornings on CBS from 1955-1967. Mighty Mouse has also appeared in television cartoons during two revivals in the 70s and 80s and in a 10-issue Marvel comic book series from 1990-1991.

Now the muscled mouse is returning to the big screen in a movie that is said to be a live-action/animation hybrid. Karen Rosenfelt and Robert Cort are producing. Jon and Erich Hoeber, who co-wrote The Meg, are working on the screenplay.

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Those who don’t remember the cartoons may still be familiar with Andy Kaufman’s comedy bit using the catchy theme song. Once you’ve heard it you just can’t get that “Here I come to save the day” out of your head!

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