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Best RC Monster Trucks That Can Be Run In Your Backyard Racing Track

By Danish Wadhwa

If you are an RC lover than you will agree with me that “RC monster trucks have something special which is not easy to explain.” Might be, because these custom RC monster trucks do things and race in such terrains that no other RC model can.

It’s sheer size, and fabulous accessories make it incredible. Thus, if you desire for a truck having powerful features and brilliant performance you must go for it.  You definitely need a model which can represent your personality. After all, it is not just about a truck; it’s a human and machine partnership that can conquer anything.

With the help of this blog, you will be able to discover the best Radio-Controlled Monster Truck for your backyard racing track. And the below-listed models are the best match for your backyard racing track. Also, the blog includes information related to various RC Monster Trucks So, that you can choose a model that matches your expectations. Have a look at the best RC Models:

Axial Yeti

A few years ago, people were crazy about this model. They love to stand and wait in a queue waiting to get Axial Yeti. After all, the release of Yeti model was the most hyped event in the RC Industry,

Thus, the RC model was around 20 inches long and 12 inches broad. It has 2 inches ground clearance and weights up to 9 pounds.

If you see the yeti’s chassis, you will find that the chassis lies somewhere between a tub chassis and truggy mix. Tub part covers more than half of the area to maintain the rigidity. But, the overall design of this model allows easy management of vehicle.

Axial Yeti

And, if we talk about its durability its incomparable.  Whether it is a rocky terrain or dirt filed, Yeti will keep going on without creating any trouble, i.e., this model is simply amazing.

Acceleration offered by yeti makes the car to get in air time. But remember that there are a lot of skills required to make it up in a perfect manner. After all, you will definitely not like to take continuous nosedives.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Monster Truck

Maisto RC Rock Crawler is a little-big monster truck which came into existence a few years back and still its sales are ruling the market.

Any toy-grade monster truck needs to pass the two requirements- performance, and good looks and Maisto RC Rock Crawler never disappoint you in this. The low power gearing allows the truck to move smoothly on off-road even in the rugged terrain.

Maisto RC Rock Crawler Monster Truck

Its incredible Articulated Suspension System allows to run it well across the pit-hole landscape. The small body of this monster truck is always clear of flexing wheels.

Big TPE tires with ultra grip and combative tread pattern add an incredible appeal to the Rock Crawler.  The truck works on two motors which make it strong enough to drive on the rough grounds having dips and bumps. These motors help the truck in maintaining steady and robust performance. This truck is just for test skills rather than speed.  

Blexy RC All Terrain Stunt Monster Truck

The Blexy RC all- Terrain Stunt Monster Truck is a beast looking model that is completely different from the other ones. It is a high powered truck having ultimate speed.  This truck can run up to 30 Km per hour in an ideal situation.

It supports incredible acceleration as well.  The 50 Meter, long control range, allows the user to have plenty of space for racing.  You can drive this vehicle hassle-free in any terrain, whether it is sand, mudrock, gravel or any other.

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Blexy RC Monster Truck

The 4 -wheel independent vibration system which adds more fun to this model. It allows adjusting the position of the vehicle according to the ground based on the requirements. This model is handy if the driver wants a better acceleration. For example – The explosion-proof PVC material and anti-skid rubber thick wheels make the truck strong enough, so users need not worry about anything.

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

This model belongs to the new era of toy-grade monster trucks. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX is good-looking truck having pistol grip 2.4GHz radio. This truck is not for the kids; thus the Redcat never recommend this truck for the children under 14 year age. All parts of this truck are replaceable.

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck

So, if any damage occurs, it can be quickly recovered. Though the truck is not easy to break, credit goes to its shatterproof polycarbonate body. Also, all the electronics are waterproofed.

Traxxas Slash

If you are in search of a wonderful beginners Monster truck that fits perfect for kids as well as adults, then your search ends here. Traxxas always amaze us with their amazing RCs. The Traxxas Slash is a 1/10 scale replica with a ground clearance of 2.83 inches. It weighs around 5.8 pounds.

Now, you are probably desperate to know more about the exciting features and specs of this RC model.

Traxxas Slash

So, let’s begin with the model- Traxxas supports Velineon 3500 electric motor with VXL-3s speed control which can provide a top-class speed up to 60 miles per hour ( including the optional gearing and 35 Lipo battery). This truck is able to reach up to 30 mph is a good condition. And, you can not deny, this is quite reasonable to purchase.

When this truck came into the market, it introduced the new category of RCs- Short-Course Race trucks. Unfortunately, a limited modification has been done in the design which makes it incompatible with the modem designs.

If you want to get a better understanding of which RC monster truck you should buy, read more about their specifications, pros and cons, and the best place to buy.

So, here we have the best match RC monster truck that will enhance your dirt racing experience in your backyard racing track. You can invite your friends too so that you guys can race and explore various skills your Monster truck holds.

For your backyard, here I have a little tip. A good RC Monster Truck is not enough to have a good experience. It is also necessary that you create a perfect racing track. But to build your track perfectly you need to have a good understanding of various. So, study first then perform the test and take care of certain things that might decrease your racing experience.

Try to include various terrain, and jumps at a different location in your track. But be careful with your jumps, you can design your jump ramp in laptop and even test it. Or you can manually create it by using the wooden plank and test it using a skateboard. And one more tip, after building track make it wet it will give more grip to your RC monster truck.

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