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No Deadshot for ‘Suicide Squad’ Reboot, Idris Elba Will Play Someone Else

In an exclusive run by Variety today we found out that Idris Elba cast in “The Suicide Squad” will not be replacing Will Smith’s Deadshot. Instead he will be playing someone entirely different. No word yet on who he will play.

While it was reported earlier this year that he would be taking on the mantle, sources close to Variety have confirmed that is no longer true. Those involved in the film, including James Gunn have decided to move away from the character.

This probably means that Will Smith is still under contract to play the character and having Idris play Deadshot would be a violation, or that perhaps when Smith’s schedule opens up he would still like to be included in the series somehow.

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The film “The Suicide Squad” is set to release in theaters August 6th 2021.

What do you think of this? Who do you think Idris Elba should play? Let us know in the comments!

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