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Six Iron Thrones Hidden Around The World In Ultimate GoT Scavenger Hunt

Do you like finding stuff? How about Game Of Thrones? Well get ready for a great new scavenger hunt spanning literally thousands of miles.

I’ve always said HBO’s Game Of Thrones is a mega-success because of three reasons; the product itself is really good, they market it beautifully, and fans are able to participate in something GoT related even when the show is not on television. Whether you’re headed to a Bar Crawl of Thrones, Tour of Thrones, or the recently announced… Quest For The Throne.

So what is HBO up to now? reported on March 25 that six Iron Thrones are scattered in various locations around the world waiting for you to discover them, and of course, sit in them.

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When it comes to to clues, all you have to run with is a series of 360 degree images posted to YouTube, of the Thrones resting in different landscapes.

Okay I know there’s only four videos but it was all I could find online.

In the typical Game Of Thrones fashion, the Iron Thrones aren’t easy to find. There’s basically no identifiable landmarks around them, however people have already claimed to have discovered the them in Spain, Sweden, Brazil, and the UK.

You can head to the Quest For The Throne website for any available clues so you can hunt down a most epic photo opportunity.

And remember… the final season begins on April 14th.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- HBO

Have you found an Iron Throne? Post your photo in the comments!!

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