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Hunter X Hunter S1-S3 Now on Netflix

Hunter X Hunter was recently added to Netflix with English and Japanese audio up to the end of Season 3.

Netflix brought the series back to streaming on the site after previously taking it down sometime last year. While we can’t see the whole show yet on Netflix you can watch the later episodes on Crunchyroll if you have it, just not in English.

Hunter X Hunter follows a boy named Gon Freecs who is searching for his father by becoming a Hunter. He makes some great friends during the Hunter exam including Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua(my personal favorite). He also meets some crazy strong villian types… like Hisoka…

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The story was written by Togashi Yoshihiro who is also known for YuYu Hakusho. He is one half of a Japanese power couple that also includes Naoko Takuechi, most famous for creating Sailor Moon.

Recently the movie for the show, Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission was released in theaters by Viz media so we can look forward to a dubbed version of the film being available soon for purchase from the company.

If there was ever a time to rewatch the series it is now as Yoshihiro has broken his hiatus and has started writing the manga again. Now hopefully sometime soon we can look forward to closure to this awesome adventure story.

Have you watched Hunter X Hunter in full? Tell us in the comments what you thought!

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