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Shazam! Updates Official Runtime

Shazam! might be the DC underdog when you think of all the things going on with Marvel this year. Luckily that means that it is just the kind of movie we need to strengthen peoples love for the DCEU. On Friday Fandango updated the runtime for the movie and put it at 132 minutes.

That would make this movie one of the shorter ones in the DCEU considering Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was 151 minutes. Felt like a lot longer for that movie though.

Two hours and twelve minutes should be the perfect length for this movie as anything shorter might not give us a satisfactory experience. The film from the trailers gives off a very family friendly vibe and it helps bring the kids along if it does not take a whole afternoon to watch.. I would hope that they would put as much story and adventure into this one as possible and hopefully if it does well then they can expand on sequels or even a decent Justice League movie.

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Zachary Levi hasn’t been quiet about how enthusiastic he is to play the character either. From what he says you can gather that the film will be a fun time for all who view it. In a statement to he said, “There are two characters that I can think of in all of comics, including DC and Marvel. And it’s Billy Batson and then Peter Parker. Those two, to me at least, you get to go on this journey of, instead of it being, ‘Oh, I have to save the world again?’ and then whatever that is, it’s like, ‘I get to save the world again?!'”

They had screenings for critics for this movie already and while critics are still mum on their opinions, it was interesting to note that they were allowed to see it more than a month in advance. That usually that doesn’t happen unless the production company is VERY happy with the movie. I am excited to see what the critics say when the embargo releases on when they can post about it.

Shazam! releases April 5th

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