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Lego is Finally Ending the Brick vs. Foot War

My friends, let us sit for a moment in silence for all the feet who have lost the battle against every Lego out there. Those sneaky little pieces somehow find our feet before we find them. For a grueling 66 year long war, we thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. That we would simple have to succumb to the fate that is, those little bastards will always win.

Or so they though. Rejoice with me! For it is a glorious time to be alive, after 66 years of war, Lego is soon releasing slippers that actually fight against those little building blocks.

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If you fill out Christmas wish-lists on LEGO’s French website you could be one of the lucky people chosen to see if they actually work! If successful, they will be mass produced. Will they be apart of the larger boxes or will we be able to buy them separately and in what sizes will they come in? What colors? Let’s hope all the beta testing is good!

Image Credit: Piwee

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