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In-N-Out Suing PUMA Over “Drive Thru-Inspired Cali Sneaker”

If you are from California you know as well as the next person that In-N-Out is one of the BEST places to be. Whether it be a Double Double with a side of animal style fries and a rootbeer float, or just a plain grilled cheese, In-N-Out will always satisfy their customers. In-N-Out is now suing Puma for using a design that is pretty much a rip off of the burger chains iconic design.

Recently Puma collaborated with Mike Cherman who is a designer from California. The plain white sneakers with the oh so familiar colours of red and yellow, down to the little itty bitty palm trees can be seen on this pair of Pumas. They (no surprise) retail from $90 to $100. They are called the Cali-0 Drive Thru CC and California Drive-Thru shoes.

Arnie Wensinger (who is the Executive Vice President In-N-Out Burger) Says that the brand In-N-Out did NOT “authorize Puma and Cherman’s intentional use of In-N-Out’s trademarks and trade dress.”

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“By using In-N-Out’s designs and trade dress, Puma and Cherman intentionally confused consumers for their own benefit and have also created the impression that our marks and unique trade dress are available for public use… We will always vigorously defend our trademarks and the distinctive elements that represent our brand to our Customers.”

Puma never outright said they are In-N-Out shoes as they are meant to pay “homage to this classic style and an essential part of the Cali lifestyle: its burger diners.” So states the website. Fans of both Puma and the chain restaurant thought that this was meant to be a collab, and thus has caused confusion.

In-N-Out as asked that Puma stop production of this design or stop promoting it, as it says in the official court documents. As of now you can still purchase these shoes on the website, though they have pulled the laces off and they are plain white now.

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