Recently Brie Larson tweeted out that she wanted to be a Jedi and in response to her tweet Star Wars’ official twitter account replied.

Not letting the conversation end there Brie Larson tweeted pointing out that she is already an “intergalactic hero.”

Fans, and you know the one’s I’m talking about had some things to say about the possibility of her entering the Star Wars universe. Many a gif was posted on the initial thread signaling “no” and that they were super against this idea. Some said to put her in the Rian Johnson movies so they didn’t have to see it.

Some however completely loved the idea.

Captain Marvel comes out in theaters March 8th.
Star Wars Episode IX is expected to come out December 20th.

Would you like to see Brie Larson as a Jedi? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Disney being in charge of both Lucasfilm/ Star Wars and Marvel, it is no surprise that corporate synergy would rear its head. I like the idea of letting her be in the Rian trilogy. Even though I didn’t mind The Last Jedi I get how many fans cleaving the fandom in half see it as disrespect that Rian is still involved and many of us plan to pass on seeing Captain Marvel in theaters, especially because of the corporate push behind it and the absurd objections critics had over Alita: Battle Angel.

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