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Keanu Reeves ‘Toy Story 4’ Character Was Secretly in ‘Incredibles 2’

Some photos of Toy Story 4 merchandise give us our best look at Keanu Reeves’ character yet. On February 17, Heidi Wilhelm posted pictures of notebooks from the Scribe website. The notebooks had covers with old and new Toy Story characters. Other new Toy Story 4 characters Forky, Ducky, and Bunny have been seen previously.

In November, when Tim Allen appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he revealed that Reeves had been cast. About getting the role, Reeves told Collider last December, “I got a call which was really cool out the blue from the lovely people at Pixar and the creators of this number, this edition, or continuation of the story. They pitched the character to me and then we spoke and they allowed me to kind of riff on it.”

Keanu Reeves plays Duke Caboom, a daredevil motorcycle rider seen on the cover of one of the notebooks. Caboom is posing with his motorcycle (adorned with a maple leaf) and is listed as “The Greatest Daredevil in all of Canada.”

The character actually appeared on screen in Jack-Jack’s playpen in Incredibles 2.

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While talking with Jimmy Fallon, Tim Allen also revealed that the ending of Toy Story 4 was very emotional. There has been speculation that this will be the last film in the Toy Story franchise and therefore may have a real tear-jerker ending (of course, Toy Story 3 was also supposed to be the last).

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