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Data Miners Speculate on New ‘Apex Legends’ Characters

Since its launch on February 4th, battle royale Apex Legends has skyrocketed to one of the top played online games. A huge part of the game’s charm lies in its unique cast of characters. From an interdimensional skirmisher to a holographic trickster or even a shielded fortress, Apex Legends presents a unique and memorable cast of characters. And according to data miners of the game’s files, that roster could soon be expanding as early as March.

Mirage, Gibraltar and Caustic

During their data deep dive, data miners discovered what they believe to be two new characters to the game. The first character is named Octane and seems to have a Stimpack ability. In Titanfall 2, a stim would provide a boost of speed and heal the player. Whether Octane’s Stimpack ability will work in a similar manner is unknown. The second character is named Wattson and seems to be a robot with a Tesla Trap Ability. Both characters have been linked to 2019 releases, with miners speculating that Octane could arrive as soon as late March or early April.

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Additionally, data miners discovered a list of names which they speculate could all be future characters for Apex Legends. The names are Crypto, Jericho, Prophet, Nomad and Husaria. Whether or not these names will add to the cast of characters has yet to be confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. In fact, information on Respawn’s future plans for Apex Legends are sparse in general. Respawn has promised fans that they will be working hard on patches to fix server crash issues, but otherwise have kept quiet on their plans.

Only time will reveal whether these mysterious names will become full-fledged Legends. One way or another, data miners seem confident that Apex Legends has a bright and expanding future ahead of it.

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