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Spitballs Fly Like Never Before!

Back in the day you wadded up a piece of paper, moistened it in your mouth, and then blew it out the end of a straw to hit your spitball target. Aiming and distance weren’t that great and you had to be sure not to inhale at the wrong moment. Finding a straw when you needed one was also a bit of a problem. Now for today’s kids spitball problems are a thing of the past. (like walking miles through the snow to school, uphill both ways or other stories you have heard from your parents over and over).

Yes, now you can get yourself a Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot (JAKKS Pacific). You can load a whole roll of toilet paper (2-ply recommended) to fire off 350+ spitballs that can reach targets as much as 30 feet away! No batteries are necessary but you do need to supply your own TP. The Blaster uses water instead of spit so it is more hygienic than a traditional spitball. A little leakage is to be expected with the product, so outdoor use might be preferable. The wet TP balls will stick to what they hit, but once they dry out they are easy to remove and don’t cause staining. Any leftover TP would be biodegradable if you are using them outside. Rated for kids 8+ with adult supervision (course, parents or other adults can also play with them if they want). Younger kids might have trouble clearing clogs or mistakenly cock the blaster twice before firing causing a jam. Overall Amazon customers were happy with the product (3.6/5 stars). There were some issues with the plastic blaster, but most problems seemed to relate to jamming or getting the gun to fire. Choice of TP seemed to be integral to good performance. A stiffer, thinner, stronger cheap paper was less likely to jam (2-ply Scotts and Cottonelle Wavy Ultra got thumbs up; Angel Soft and Charmin got thumbs down).

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And according to Technabob, coming out later this year is the Sheet Storm, which will have a sliding, pump action reload mechanism that will allow more rapid fire. So you can really TP up your target!

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