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New List of Possible ‘Star Wars’ Shows for Disney+ Reportedly Surfaces

According to HN Entertainment they have gotten word form a source* that they know of a few different series that Disney is looking to adapt for the Star Wars Universe. While they didn’t say who the source was it is clear that with the Disney/Lucas Mandalorian series just wrapping and only now working on the Rogue One prequel that will focus on Diego Luna, that they have a chance now to work on more Star Wars shows for the upcoming streaming service.

The list of possible endeavors include:

  1. Young Princess Leia
  2. Captain Phasma
  3. The Knights of Ren
  4. Rose Tico
  5. Darth Bane

The Young Princess Leia, and Rose Tico shows could be a problem if fans don’t approve. If it is not the perfect casting then fans could and probably will backlash in some way or form. We saw what happened with Rose actor Kellie Marie Tran when she had to quit her social media to get away from all of those negative comments. Others who have worked on the Star Wars series have come under similar fire. For example the kid who played Anakin, Jake Lloyd has said taking that role ruined his life. He was also later diagnosed with schizophrenia but that is beside the point.

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For young Princess Leia, Stranger Things Actress Millie Brown has stated that she would love to take on the role. Fans of both series seem to be in agreement that that would be close to the perfect casting if that were the case. I think she could do it, plus she has the same look to her as the late Carrie Fisher.

Knights of Ren who we have yet to see in the movies, even though we really really want to, could be a really good show. I wonder if they could get Adam Driver to sign on to a series for Disney+. It would all depend on if he wanted the money or he wanted freedom, because after this next Star Wars episode there is no gurantee that he would be involved in the Star Wars Cinematic Universe for a while. Especially because the trilogy that Rian Johnson is working on is supposed to take place outside of what we know and not follow the Skywalker legacy.

Regardless of speculation about the series you need to take this info with a grain of salt because again we don’t know who HN’s source was for this list. If it is right then this is some juicy information!

What do you think of this? Do you think it could happen? Tell us in the comments!

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