The worst type of comic is one that is divided between its constant switch between fantastic and disappointment. No series of late has exemplified this feeling such as Heroes In Crisis has. This issue takes a breather to move characters along and help them step closer to the truth- and it’s in this issue that writer Tom King has finally gotten my attention .

Without too much spoilage, a large chunk of this issue has Superman giving a speech to the press on the Superhuman Mental facility and its purpose. This speech not only exemplifies the theme this book should of have take center stage.

It’s about admitting you have a problem, getting help and learning how to face it- all through this superhuman framework which any type of reader can fit into. Exploring the psychology of the Hero/ Villain mindset and diluting it core ideas which are the foundations of so many mental health issues which so many deal with in the real world.

If they had started this series with this speech and built up to the murder mystery which frames the entire thing, then the weight of this story would have so much more impact. But here we are, wadding along a mystery full of miscommunication, character inconsistencies, lost momentum and unearned details.

By the end of the issue, Blue Beetle and murder suspect Booster Gold have discovered a clue which opens the door to the possibility of outside temperament and classic vague superhero nonsense.

Now the concept, dialogue and art have been consistently on point ( art being a particular highlight ) but as the story moves along I become more concerned on it’s end and what it means for everyone involved. As much grievance as I’ve had for this series, I’ll forgive most of it , as long as it’s satisfying.    

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Thanks for your time and attention

Jacob Knight

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