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New Book Coming from Fifty Shades Author E.L. James

Ready to not see you significant other for a while… again? E.L. James just announced another book is coming eight years after the first Fifty Shades came out.

The Mister is about a passionate romance and a roller coaster of dangerous activity. A “21st century Cinderella” story as E.L. James put it on the Today Show.

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The description from the Penguin Publishing company is as follows,
“The Mister is a contemporary romance set in London, Cornwall and Eastern Europe that introduces readers to the privileged and aristocratic young Englishman Maxim Trevelyan and the mysterious, talented and beautiful Alessia Demachi, who’s recently arrived in London owning little more than a dangerous and troublesome past.”

The book is again about a rich man who falls for an “ordinary” girl. Fortunately for James she has gained a cult following from the first round of Twilight inspired books so she has a whole gaggle of people waiting for this one to come out. It seems appropriate that she would deem it a “Cinderella” story as she tends to draw from other bodies of work for inspiration.

I never read the first books nor do I wan’t to, so I can’t speak to her writing or her previous works, but people are excited for the new addition nonetheless. Get ready for a movie announcement for this book near the end of the year when sales do incredibly well for her.

The Mister comes out April 2019

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