Nerdbot Review: The Punisher Season 2

In the wake of Marvel Netflix shows getting the boot left and right for almost no apparent reason. The Punisher approaches in hope not to follow the path of its peers. Season 2 of the Punisher was released on the 18th of Jan 2019. And so far the show seems to be doing alright for itself, with a general theme of you can’t escape your past, or who you are. The show picks up with Frank traveling america with no real end in mind. From what it seemed like he was just going town to town until he found something he liked. And right as he found something that was worth keeping him there he finds a way to get himself in the middle of a war. But one main thing that the show touches on for him is how he can’t live a normal life. No matter what he does somehow some way the inner soldier comes out and he manages to find himself in the middle of a feud that has nothing to do with him. You see his growth from the first season, but as well as some flaws that he has as a human being. As stated already he can’t keep his nose clean, as well run away from who he really is. The show touches on how he actively looks for a reason to fight, and how soldiers have a hard time adapting after real trauma that they experience in the field. Because of the events in the first season, he is always on the fence about getting close to someone. But of course we he finally does things always go south. To further build off that you see this odd but charming relationship with him and Amy. In its own way him looking out for her is a way for him to be the father he never was with his kids. You see the two of them really connect after a series of near death moments. As well as Amy being really annoying and unthankful plenty of times. But because of her you see Frank have a little bit more of a heart and it’s nice, she keeps him grounded in a lot of ways. Instead killing a person, he’ll just beat the hell out of them. Or simply spare a life which doesn’t seem like much but for the Punisher it sure is. As for Amy she seems to be the soul reason why Frank is on the run in the first place. She places this mystery woman for a good part of the show. Which is more annoying than it is mysteries, making you not like her a lot most of the time. She is kind of just thrown in the show and the cross over with her and Frank is more or less what’d you expect from any show. But once you get over that initial hill you learn like her as a character. At the end of it she’s reaping what she sowed. She got way over her head and is now paying a huge price for it. After understanding that you see why it is she acts the she does. At the end of the day she’s just a scared kid thrown in to this world of bloodshed. But within that world she finds her white knight and that being Frank, and little by little they seem fixing the mess they’ve been caught up in. It’s no secret that Agent Madani would plays a big role in this season. But because of the events of season one she is living in constant fear and doubt. Billy Russo is always in the back of her head. Even though he was beaten nearly to death, and doesn’t remember anything outside his military life. She is convinced it is all a front. Even with all the evidence and proof right in front of her face. Haunted by what happened to her forces her to sleep with a gun under her pillow. And seek help with Frank and others to help solve there Billy Russo problem. And lastly Billy Russo character is a cop out compared to how he used to be. In season one he was one of my favorite villians right next to King Pin. But it seems like it was a little bit of a shot and a miss this time around. His story of forgetting who he is and being a vet who hates the civilian life is way too similar to seasons one Lewis Walcott. The only difference is, is that people in this universe know and respect Billy. So it’s a little easier for him to raise somewhat of an following. It’s a shame to seem them rehash the same storyline with a character that has a lot of potential. But who knows maybe in the second act they’ll polish it up a bit more. And another major complaint that many people myself included is that it seems the scares don’t warrant a mask. Sure he does have a damaged face but it’s not as bad as the show makes it to be. It makes him look more weaker than what he really is. It makes you wish that they put more scars on his face to make him more scarier. But because of the lack of scares it doesn’t look all that bad as they lead you to believe. As for the plot of the overall season it has two main stories. One being John Pilgrim and his followers hunting down Frank and Amy. Which is actually pretty cool they give him a great scary vibe. To where whenever you see him in the streets you fear for your life. And the other is Billy Russo and as I stated before it’s a rehash of what we’ve seen in season one so far. It seems to be that the second act is going to pick up heavily and things will start to change and fast With all that being said so fair I’ll give it a 7.5/10
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