Yesterday on Twitter Leslie Jones sent out a tweet that angered many fans of the original Ghostbusters movie. Here is what she had to say about the new film.

The comments were mixed but the majority stated that she had no right to be mad that the new movie would not be acknowledging the 2016 reboot since it had “nothing to do with the original films”.

The comments are harsh and you can read them if you click on the tweet in this article. Along with Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon also starred in the 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters and were all ridiculed for their participation in the film. Audiences were not receptive to the all female cast or the fact that they were essentially redoing Ghostbusters.

Feig who was very proud of the film spoke out about the criticism. He said,
“It was shocking, I still think about it a lot, honestly — sometimes I’m like, ‘OK, stop thinking about it.’ Because I’m really proud of the movie, and while people still send me mean things, overwhelmingly more people tell me they love it.”

One thing that occurred to me that would solve all these issues was if we set each Ghostbuster movie on a different timeline. Then the girls could make a cameo or something and it would still be canon. Of course people would probably have issue with that as well. There really isn’t any one right answer.

The new movie is rumored to have the surviving cast come together somehow in the story. There is also talk about the story featuring the Ghostbusters as Teens. Whatever they do I hope that they honor Ramis in some way whether they use his likeness as a ghostly figure or even just mention him in the script.

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  1. I wanted to like the reboot, but it just wasn’t funny. It has nothing to do it the cast being women. I had high hopes since Feig did Bridesmaids, which was hilarious, on par with The Hangover (I was worried when they were going to Vegas for the bachelorette party, thinking ‘here we go, hangover knockoff’ but they took it in a different direction. Smart move, and funny!). Ghostbusters just didn’t measure up. GB3 features the original cast! She has no ground to be pissed about that. It’s THEIR universe, they were there first. Let’s just hope it’s better then GB2.

  2. if she wants to make this all about sexism, then think of it this way: the men did it first and were hilarious and the women couldn’t even succeed with a huge build in fanbase. If you are going to do a remake, then expect a lot of flak when you don’t even come close to the original.

  3. When ever a character is played by a different gender or race it seems THAT should be the insult to the gender or race. It IS stupid that classic characters were all white men a lot of the time and any ethnic character had to draw attention to their color (black lightning, black panther) or were exploited for their sex appeal (female characters in general) but replacing an already established character for the sake of tokenism is like saying “You’re not good enough to establish your own character based on your own merits so take one already well established by white men.” Thats why I like Al Simmons (Todd McFarlane’s Spawn) and Cyborg. They’re great characters who just happen to be African-American. They didn’t have to be Black Spawn and Black Cyborg. Ghostbusters has never been about the fact that it’s cast with men, it’s been about the fact it was cast with hilarious and talented actors everyone loved and we want them back. We loved the original cast (which included Janine and Winston btw). Ms. Jones and the others should be appalled they had to ride on the coattails of a bunch of white men to do anything for the sake of their gender if that’s what they’re about. Leslie has been in plenty I’ve enjoyed that’s been her own thing, new and original. She should be proud of that. You want to get women in Ghostbusters, give Janine and Dana a proton pack. I think people would have accepted that a little better.

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