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Minute Long Tease for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Just Released

Tonight before the premiere of True Detective HBO let us see a little more of what Game of Thrones has in store for us. They released a season eight tease which runs at 1:45 which is about a minute and a half longer than the snippet we got at the Golden Globes trailer.

There are still no details of what the final season has in store for us and there is no way to guess. The books are way behind the show at this point and George R.R. Martin has said that the final books will be different anyway.

The only thing we know at this point is that the episodes will be more like movies in terms of length. Everything else is up to the Gods of Game of Thrones and if we go by what we know, no one is safe from death. It is anyone’s game for who will sit on the throne at the end of this season.

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Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO April 14th.

Are you excited for season eight? What do you think of the trailer? Tell us in the comments!

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