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IMDB Has Launched its Own FREE Streaming Service

If you haven’t already shelled out for Netflix and are worried about suffering from the new tech they could be using to keep you out of your friends accounts, worry not! The IMDB may have your answer!

Amazon has teamed up with the IMDB and created a new streaming service last week. It’s called Freedive and is completely free however it does show ads during the shows and movies you are watching. The service is available so far on the computer and through Amazon Fire devices.

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Some of the catalog includes such blockbuster hits as Drive, Gattica, Run Lola Run, and more. The streaming platform has easy to pick from categories like Netflix’s but are more refined and not as overwhelming. You can pick from “Movies for the Whole Family, IMDB Staff Picks, Hits from the 80’s” and a bunch more.

This is welcome news since the Turner Classic Movies Streaming service Filmstruck went down last year. Anywhere that has different movies than Netflix is a welcome retreat. Not that Netflix is bad, just overwhelming because there is no way you can navigate what’s going on unless you know exactly what you are searching for. Plus IMDB seems to offer things that no one else has, shows that seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Caprica was a spin off of Battlestar Galactica that just dropped from the planet, you can watch that on Freedive.

What do you think of IMDB starting a streaming service? Tell us in the comments!

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