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Infinity War Trailer Delayed so Fans Pressure Tom Holland for Spoilers

Today is Wednesday and we are still waiting on the newest trailer to drop for Avengers: Infinity War part 2. No one can give us a set drop date and it has been rumored the delay was due to the death of George H. W. Bush. The theory there is that we will be watching the funeral and the memorial service and not paying attention to any pop culture news that may drop. I beg to differ but again this is only a rumor.

With everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for Something.. Anything.. In the way of news on the movie, fans went to the weakest link. Tom Holland. In a post on reddit today fans have been asking him for more information on the film.

People have been saying to ask Tom Holland to spoil Avengers 4, a fan did and this is what Tom said… from marvelstudios

Tom has been keeping it locked down and instead of accidentally spoiling his response to the questions confirms that there are indeed Marvel Snipers.

Fan: “Tell him what happens in the next one, in the next Avengers,”

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Holland: “They’ll shoot me!” Holland responds, attempting to back away.

Fan: “Are you going to come alive again?”

Holland: “I can’t tell you, they’ll shoot me.”

Good job Tom! Who has accidentally spoiled the movie poster and release date of the last film along with many other details along the way. There is a full 5 minute video on youtube of Benedict Cumberbatch babysitting him so that he doesn’t spoil anything in interviews.

What do you think of the trailer being delayed again? Tell us in the comments!


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