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Gamer Deemed Hero After Donating to Local Library

Gamestop has been a joke for a while with their trade in values of games. Before that it was Hollywood Video or Blockbuster you could sell your old games to. One gamer decided to skip the store completely and go straight to his local library to donate a couple of games he no longer played. He is being deemed a hero by reddit users and could have just possibly created the greatest movement ever.

Sick of GameStop’s ridiculous trade-in offers, I decided to donate these to my local library instead. Best $30 I never got. from gaming

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In the post the redditor states “Sick of GameStop’s ridiculous trade-in-offers, I decided to donate these to my local library instead. Best $30 I never got.”

After posting this there were many comment about following suit. So many were in support of this and seem like they can’t wait to do it themselves.

One of the commentators on the thread explained it like this:

“I work in a public library and can confirm the only reason we don’t have games is because we don’t have the budget for games. Even if your library isn’t ready to start a game collection, they will likely have a friends group that would be more than happy to sell the games to fund library operations”

Imagine walking into a library instead of going to a Redbox, or a GameStop. One of the dreams that I have is that libraries across the nation have a treasury of movies and video games for rental/check out. Maybe the next big move with them is that they have books on one side and a retro arcade where kids can hang out on the other. Of course this would all require money but when you donate to them they have more opportunities to gain funding either from renting your donation or selling it to fund operations.

This could also be an opportunity for the community to find and make friends with other local gamers and make libraries the new hot spot for entertainment. Libraries are often overlooked because people think that you can find everything online, that isn’t always true. This reminds me of the recent lawsuit with Nintendo where they sued an emulator/rom site to take down any and all roms of their games. This could be an issue for games that were out of print or hard to get. But! If you were to donate a physical copy and maybe an old console you weren’t using to your library, you just made it that much easier for someone to play that game, the way it was meant to be played.

What do you think of this act of generosity? Would you donate games that you don’t play to your library? Tell Nerdbot in the comments and let’s get the conversation going!

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