Coolest McDonald’s Toys 1993-97

I present you now with part two of my favorite McDonald’s toy sets. This time we are covering 1993-1997 in another 5 year span. This is going to be hard to narrow down to ten so instead here are 15 that really stood out to me as a kid. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what your favorites were in the comments!

15. Batman the Animated Series 1993

I distinctly remember tucking Batman and Catwoman into bed. What a kid I was! I totally predicted they would get married this year! Just kidding, though, I do like to think that I helped their relationship along. I don’t remember having any cars but the Joker Mobile but I really wanted that Robin Cycle. Who wouldn’t?

14. MORE McNugget Buddies 1993

I present to you, MORE McNugget Buddies. These ones were for Halloween so I was totally in! The Witch, Vampire, and Frankenstein were my favorites. Unlike the previous versions these ones you actually could do a little more in the way of dressing up and dressing down. I liked to put the Witch in the Vampire’s cape. I was very fashion forward with my toys outfits.

13. Flintstones Movie 1994

So the story with this one is my mom thought that she could “trick” my brother and I into thinking that we were eating happy meals by saving unopened toys and reusing the bags that happy meals came in. I don’t know if these were the best toys but putting the stickers on the buildings and the cars took up a good 3 minutes so there was that. I remember getting so much of one building in particular that every time she would try and trick us we would get that same one. Gee thanks mom?

12. Snow White 1994

The thing I remember most about these toys, was really wanting to find that triangular screwdriver to dissasemble that diamond from the cart. It was so pretty to look at. I also liked playing with Charming and Snow White, and they came with cool accessories too.

11. Birthday Train 1994

This set was neat because it was basically a huge call back to previous sets of toys. Buster and Babs Bunny, Berenstein Bears, Disney Characters, all were included in what you could get.

10. Animaniacs 1995

HELLO NURSE! I would be surprised if you weren’t watching this show in 1995. Yacko, Wacko, and Dot were characters I remember playing on the playground. Plus I loved Max and Elmira. The kitty with the bandaged tail, Pinky and the Brain, those were some good times.

9. SpiderMan 1995

I had Doctor Octopus from this set and Spiderman. My brother played with these a lot more than I did but he also wasn’t bugging me while he played so they are on the list of awesome.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! AND they came with Vehicles. This was also when you could buy the gold power up coin for extra if I am not mistaken.

7. Muppet Treasure Island 1996

I liked these because they were basically bath toys. I never was too much into the movie, I was more of a Sesame Street Follow That Bird fan, but because these were fun in the tub they made an impression on me.

6. Space Jam 1996

I think I had my first girl crush on Lola Bunny. The Space Jam toys were also offered with stuffed animals that you could pay extra for. I think Burger King also had a similar deal but their stuffed animals were a different texture fabric and they had the Monstars? I think as well.

5. Skydancers 1996

Remember those hard plastic toys that would look beautiful once you let them go off their stand, and then majestically come down to punch you with their wings in the face? They got their own set of McDonald’s toys too! These were much gentler than the real toys and I don’t remember them flying, but they were pretty to look at.

4. Dalmations 1996

This was the first time that I remember them really going all out on a toy line. There was NO WAY you could collect them all. I think they even came out with a special box for people who were trying to get each and every one. Seriously though look at all those freaking toys. 

3. Christmas Dalmatian Snow Globes 1996

During Christmas they had a lot of cool toys. In the 80’s they started offering ornaments. This was the year they came out with 101 Dalmatian Snow Globes. They doubled as ornaments but were so heavy that unless you hung them at the top where you couldn’t see them they fell right off the tree. I just used them as shelf decorations.


2. Teenie Beanie Babies 1997

Another set with way too many toys to collect. My mom would drive us through McDonald’s for breakfast and order a toy on the side, and for Dinner to try to collect most of these. I think we still missed out on a couple.

1. Disney Masterpiece Collection 1997

One that is often mentioned is the closer on this list. The Masterpiece collection with the faux VHS tape cover and really well done figure inside were the favorite of many. I think this is because you could collect a figure from a movie that hadn’t had much in the way of toys, such as Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan. I remember a lot of kids playing on the playground in the shade with these.


If I missed any of your favorite playsets tell me in the comments!
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Pictures found from Google image search and some from Fast Food Toy Review Videos on Youtube

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