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We Are Aliens: The Panspermia Hyothesis

Panspermia is essentially a hypothesis stating that life – or the complex molecular precursors of life – originated in space and ended up seeding earth. That is, we are aliens who evolved here. Ancient philosophers considered it. Others debated it, worth chemist Svante Arrhenius fleshing the idea out in 1903.

But now scientist are proposing OCTOPUSES ARE KILLER SPACE MUTANTS!

According to Steele, (2018), octopuses might just have arrived here as frozen eggs. As have numerous bacteria and retroviruses and whatever else. The article titled Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic? seeks to upend the lofty paradigm held by us silly biologists that life evolved on earth and the octopus is a cephalopod, amongst other startling revelations. These 30ish scientists have come together to rock our world, proving definitively that we. Are. Aliens.

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Or not…

It’s highly unlikely that any large organisms here are alien in origin, but microorganisms from earth or elsewhere occassionally appear in the upper atmosphere or on NASA equipment. There might be more life in the universe – or the solar system – than we expect. Aliens might even be like Nerdbot’s official mascot the water bear. Those little animals can survive being frozen, drying out, and maybe even space. Maybe they made it here from another world…

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