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Roseanne Cancelled By ABC

Roseanne was cancelled by ABC today. This was the aftermath that occurred hours later after she tweeted “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

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She has since deleted the tweet and has tried to back peddle but it is to no avail. Here are some of her apologies

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It is a little sad that she sparked the cancellation but not surprising. It is unfortunate that this is all happening but it was inevitable with the way that she has been presenting herself and her views since even before the reboot began.

This used to be a show that was about the working class. The family story that went along with the politics made sense. They needed to pay the mortgage and keep their kids from getting into too much trouble.

There are so many others who make up the cast and while they are brilliant she really has brought down the reboot with her political views inserted into it. I watched this show as a kid. It was something I would turn to for family values, comedy, and the story. Well, not the last season where they kill Dan off.

My best hope is that they can reboot it without her in the future, I would love a new show about Darlene with the rest of the cast. I guess time will tell for that one.

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